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Why news and current affairs are important for children.

Children are born curious, they are always in the mood to ask and question every little thing
therefore aware children of current affairs can build their high learning potential.

Here our world changed a lot in the last few years, it’s growing rapidly and being connected more than ever, hence our children need to be more familiar with our surroundings and happenings. Building a habit to be
aware of current affairs can help our children to be more curious and open to learning.
It will enhance the thinking power and resilience of our children.

As more our children are well aware of the current environment the more knowledgeable they will be, they will be more open to
sharing their feelings and thoughts, they will be courageous enough to speak up about every matter,and they will be mindful and more conscious about their own decisions.

Being aware of the world will help them to be more confident and fluent in conversations, directly or indirectly it will build a better version of our children as well as our forthcoming generation.

Whenever there will be a mutual conversation our children will be able to put their point and will be assertive about the conversation. Our children are our future and informing them about current affairs will open new doors for our future development.

Current affairs allow our children to think beyond the limits because the more they will know, the more they want to learn. They will know the difference between wrong and right and it will lead them to be fair with future resolutions.

In addition, it stimulates them to become flag wavers and responsible citizens. Throughout their life,they will be a person of high responsibility and great achievements with great access to knowledge.

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