Five signs you need self-love/self-care

Nowadays term self-love is too much-trending, everyone is talking about it and incredibly it’s the best thing happening in our society. Even if someone posting a single status about self-love and loving themselves I appreciate them. I appreciate each and every person who is even thinking about it but still few people are doing the same thing yes!! Few people are taking it for granted.

Basically, now we all are familiar with self-love but the only problem is we are not sure like whether we need it or not? We are confused about whether we are loving our self or not? So here are 5 signs that you need to start self-love, you need to start loving yourself right now.

Tiredness and stretch in the body


whatever happens in our mind and heart, it directly reflects our physical body. The human body works with the power of thoughts, even with thought we are not aware of. So if you start feeling tired on a daily basis and end up a day with full frustration then it’s a sing that you need self-care, it’s a sign that you need self-love and yes!! you need to love yourself.

Change in the sleeping pattern

From childhood, we have a sleeping pattern and we repeat these patterns over many years, and now they become our habits. So slightly change in sleeping pattern can be determined easily. If you are sleeping too much or less than you do every day then you must start noticing it for a few days. You must understand your need and time of sleep because proper and healthy sleep is important for a human body. One can not function appropriately without normal sleep.


Due to outer pressure, sometimes we fail to connect our inner soul and that leads toward the disturbance. We fail to concentrate on our work, even if we do hard work, we feel unable to complete that task or to meet the expectations. We feel fully disturbed, we feel frustrated as well as sometimes we overreact too.

No off day

When people start telling you to have some break, when your family asks you for the time, when you forget to have your favourite ice cream, when you ignore your personal diary , when you fully unaware of that beautiful nights you love, when you skip enjoying your office leave and when you forget yourself then it’s a sign that you have to take care of yourself.


When you start weeping and feeling sad at every little thing , when you think that nobody loves me, everyone is busy, no one here to talk to me then yes!! You just need your own attention and to be very sure all you need is self-love, self-care and self-analysis and last but not the least love yourself.

Final thought

As we all are well aware that social anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of mental illness we all should take care of it at the initial level. Self-love is the best medicine to cure any mental illness as well as it prevents us from any symptoms of depression also. I know we are living a life where we are busy with numerous stuff but see a healthy body is essential for a healthy and happy life therefore all we have to take care of our self.

Published by As you

Hello,everyone!I write things which i feel need to be written.I think we all are beautiful souls and we are not lost ,we are just discovering our-self.You know once we fall in love with our-self,everyone's game is over.I think its finally time to be happy again so will you join me on the path of self-love?

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