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Nowadays the term self-love is too much-trending, everyone is talking about it and incredibly it’s the best thing happening in our society. Even if someone is posting a single post about self-love then it’s worth contributing.  I appreciate everyone who thinks that we need to talk about it and I appreciate every person who is even thinking about it.

Here few people are still doing the same thing, like denying a whole term of self-love. According to all those people, there is nothing like mental health and self-love. And yes!! Several people are taking it for granted and denying the existence of self-care.

Today almost everyone is familiar with the term self-care but the only problem is we are not sure whether we need it or not? We are confused about whether we love ourselves or not? So here are 5 signs that we need to start self-love or we need to start to care about ourselves immediately.

Tiredness and stretch in the body

Tiredness and stretch in the body

Whatever running inside our mind and heart, directly reflects our physical body. The human body works with the power of thoughts, even with thoughts we are not aware of. So if we ever started feeling tired and ending up every day with full frustration then it’s a sign that we need self-care, it’s a sign that we need self-love and yes!! We need to take help too.

Change in the sleeping pattern

From childhood, we have our sleeping patterns and we are repeating these patterns over many years, and now these patterns are our habits. So sudden and slight changes in our sleeping patterns can be determined easily. If we are sleeping too much or less than we usually do then we must start noticing it for a few days. We must understand our needs and time of sleep. Because proper and balanced sleep is important for the human body. One can not function appropriately without normal a normal sleep pattern.


Due to outer pressure, sometimes we fail to connect to our inner soul and that leads to the disturbance. We fail to concentrate on our work, even if we do hard work, we feel unable to complete that task or meet the expectations. We feel fully disturbed, we feel frustrated as well as sometimes we overreact too and this is a time when life is calling us for self-care.

No off day

When people start telling us to have some break, when our family asks us for the time, when we forget to have our favourite ice cream, when we ignore our diary, when we are fully unaware of the beautiful nights that we love, when we skip enjoying our office leave and when we forget ourself then it’s a sign that we have to take care of ourself little extra.


When we start weeping and feeling sad at every little thing when we think that nobody loves us, everyone is busy, no one here to talk to us then yes!! We just need our attention and to be very sure all we need is self-love,  self-care and self-analysis.

Final thought

As we all are well aware that social anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of a mental illness so we all should take care of it at the initial level. Self-love is the best medicine to cure any mental illness as well as it prevents us from any symptoms of depression also. I know we are living a life where we are busy with numerous stuff but you know a healthy body is essential for a healthy and happy life, therefore, all we have to take care of ourselves.

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    Aakanksha Solanki

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