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Few recent pieces of news that children should beacquainted with and why?

Nowadays General awareness is as important as other activities of our daily life, here are a few pieces of current news that children should be acquainted with.

• “Save soil” is A global movement launched by Sadhguru. One of the most influential people
in India, Sadhguru is travelling across the world for 100 days on a motorcycle where he will be covering 25 nations by talking about policies to save soil. This movement is all about the degradation and health of our soil. Here children must be aware of the fact that we have only 60 years of soil left hence we need to talk about it today. Soil is our mother and without it, nothing will going to last more than a few years and our children must be aware of
upcoming crises.

• “Thomas Cup” where India defeated the 14 times champions Indonesia and win the Thomas Cup for the first time. Here is a great lesson for children that history can be created by anyone at any time. There is nothing like giving up in a life situation or any action because the one who will stick to the goal will achieve it. Our achievements can be delayed but cannot ignore.

• “Black whole Centre ” The first image of the milky ways supermassive black hole was
revealed on 12th May 2022. This image and news must get a chance to be known by today’s
children therefore they will be aware of the universe and be excited about discoveries. It will help them to think beyond the earth and will help them to see how vast our universe is.

• Sawa lake disappeared from the Iraq map, what is the reason besides it, must be known by children. This lake disappeared because of overuse and climate change that we need to take care, today. If we won’t start saving water this kind of crisis will be continued to happen.

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