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Hey, people. It’s been a long I haven’t written anything on my blog post but hurray meanwhile I launched my very first book “She, Her and the People – Anti- fragile touch of society. ” this book is a wordy representation of miscommunication between society and women. Today Society, culture, religion, caste, and customs draw a different human in us but the string is humanity that holds us together. Nowadays we all forget about humanity but focus on our imperfections with each other. No matter how capable women in this era and what is the role of women in our society but we still choose to find their flaws. Throughout this work, I want to show the real-life experiences of people and the story of their struggles. I might be not sure about the popularity of this subject but I am much more familiar with different people and the hardship stories behind their happy faces. 

Women are working all their life for family and society but ended up losing their identities, why her hard work and struggle to keep everyone happy is invisible in front of us? This book talks about being a woman is a blessing till people are not keeping eye on them. The book also covers marriage as a final destination for a woman, where no matter how much she tries to adjust, once a day her mind blows up with stress and tension.

You know what? 

“I know a woman who tried her best to keep her marriage alive but ended with divorce.

I know a woman who was raped by her brother-in-law after the death of her husband.

I know a woman who once lost her will to live because of the wrong judgment of society.

I know a woman who killed her dreams to raise her kids.

I know a woman who attempted suicide under the pressure of being imperfect.

I know a woman getting physically Ill after taking her mental health for granted. “

It is easy to talk and write about it but in person, it is more difficult to live and to watch other women killing their willpower. This book tells us about how happiness is different for different women, and how much freedom to choose is important in everyone’s life.

“Strange but true that together our society is contributing in installment to her suicide.”

As we all know that this world is already a beautiful place and we are also a part of this place and I must say that you are beautiful too, yes the way you are right now. The book in your hand ” She, Her and the People”, is aDo you believe that you are the prettiest? Do you have the courage to let yourself know that you are worthy? Do you have the guts to stand in front of the mirror and accept yourself, just the way you are? If No then the book will help you to build a new perspective.

I hope you all love to read my first book and will share your reviews and photos with me.

Happy reading ..

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