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Hello, everyone how are you? Are you enjoying the weather? Yes, I am enjoying a lot. I love every single drop of rain, it makes me feel happy as well as sad. It gives me a special kind of feeling. A feeling where all I want to curl up in a warm blanket and sit in front of the window with a cup full of coffee.

There is a different type of calmness in the rain, a calmness where all past comes together like a bundle of memories. Either it comes as the biggest smile or eyes full of tears but every time my playlist makes it more beautiful. Yes!! somtimes I cry.

Sometimes I feel heavy in rain but with every drop of water, my tears vanished from my eyes. I start cheering and feeling more alive after a complete rain of tears. Do you feel the same? Do you feel to dance with someone or to laugh like a crazy person? Do you feel more connected to your inner soul and the natural beauty of the Universe?

I know every person draw something on the fogged window but you know what, I write love letters because I believe in love. I believe as much as we speak or think about love it comes to our way. You know I am a huge fan of the weather, I love to notice every single activity inside me, I love to feel and to know little more about a connection between me and the weather. What do you love in rain? How do you feel?  I am genuinely interested to know, are you interested to share? If yes then comment how do you feel?

3 responses to “Feeling of rain #love”

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  2. Deepak Avatar

    I love rain $( favorit)


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