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Hey people, nice to see you here. I know you all want to love yourself, you want to feel little more connected to yourself, you also want to explore yourself. So It’s just five days training where you will start feeling connected to yourself. Here you will learn more about yourself.

Day 1/./ Hello everyone, hope you people are excited. Yes… Yes!! I’m excited more than you. So here is our first day where we need to feel connected with a so-called word
“I”. Today we have to do three activities to feel connected to ourself.

1. Mindfulness and attentiveness (10 minutes in the morning )
For all those people who are thinking that I never did meditation, I can’t focus and blah, blah, blah so stop worrying about meditation. You literally gonna enjoy it. Just follow the link and get relaxed in 10 minutes only.

2. Give attention to yourself (15 minutes in the evening )
Mmmmm!!! So what we have to do is to switch off the phone, tv, music and all this stuff. We have to sit somewhere in open area where we can feel connected to nature. Just for 10-15 minutes try to feel the air, feel your presence in nature, feel that you are the only one, you are worthy, you don’t have to compromise and yes you and the universe are your best friend.

3. Try to figure out the answer of below questions!
1. What did you want to be when you were a child and what are you doing today?
2. What would you change about yourself if you could?
3. From whom you want an apology and why?

Day 2. // You know there is only one thing we all are sicking for that is “Happiness ” isn’t it right? Today all we have to find our happiness. So here we have three tasks for a day.
First one is same as 1st day that is
do meditation.

2. Make a list of your happiness.
What makes you happy? Yes, whatever it is, just make a list. Even if a tiny thing such as chocolate, a cup of coffee, chips and so on. Just write it down and feel that there is a number of things which makes you feel happy.

3. Prepare a bucket list.
It’s in trend also, isn’t it? So what you have to do is prepare a list of your dreams. What you want to do? what you expect your partner? what’s your dream place? Where you want to go? what simple thing or any adventure you want to perform ,just write it down or you can also make it in mobile notes.

Day 3// Finally we are in the middle of practice. Hope you people are feeling little connected to yourself. Today we have to perform three tasks.
1. Do meditation with a link provided.

2. Show gratitude: Initially, you won’t find things for gratitude but expressing gratitude is more than courtesy, manners, or being polite. It’s about showing your heartfelt appreciation. When you thank someone, you’re also practising the first two gratitude skills: you’ve noticed something well, and you’ve genuinely appreciated it. It’s like when we admire something we get better results. Such as ” I am thankful for food, I am grateful for a new day, I am grateful for water and so on. See it’s okay to be grateful even for the smallest things you have.

3. Set rules of your life.
The world will be greatly improved if everyone follow some simple self rules. Rules in our life are important, rule like
1. Keep your promises.
2. Say please and thank you.
3. Say no.
4. Smile little more.
5. Make a healthy choice

Day 4. // So today we have only two tasks, Yes!! It’s the step where your heart will feel lighter.
1. Do meditation

2. Forgive. Did you remember I asked you three questions? One of them is “From whom you want an apology and why?” So today what we will do is to try to understand that it’s okay to forgive people, yes!! Even if they didn’t apologise just forgive them. Not for them but for your peace. Accept there fault and release all the issues. It really gonna help you a lot because when we release hate from the life, our heart and mind grow together.

Day 5. So it’s our last day of practice and we will perform only 1 activity.

1. Write a love letter to yourself. If we want to be loved passionately and unabashedly, we have to give ourselves that love, and that can start with doing something as simple as writing a love letter to the person we are inside and out. You can also write a letter to that poor, broken inner-child and let her know that it’s safe for the two of you to set out on a new and beautiful journey of self-discovery together. No one is capable to love you like you love yourself, and no one can transform that broken child as you can.

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  1. Aakanksha Solanki Avatar
    Aakanksha Solanki

    True self love is more important❤


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