How to deal with a depressed person.

Depression is critical as well as a treatable disease hence all we have to do is to care of our loved once. Being available isn’t what people always need but sometimes they need attention too. We are humans and one thing is very clear that all we need is love. our support and attention can make someone’s life easy, it can also play an important role in recovery. Here is how we can help them.

Try to understand the changing behaviour of your close once;
If you feel that there is a huge change in someone’s behaviour, you must talk to them and try to undwestand changing behaviours such as

1. Change in the sleeping pattern; either they ars sleeping more than usual or less.

2. Food; generally people don’t feel to eat in depression but sometimes they eat more than natural.

3. They lose interest in work, sex, social gathering, hobbies and separate from family, friends.

4.Frequently complaints about diffrenet kind of pain such as headache, stomach ache and vomiting sensation.

How to talk with a depressed person?
It feels very hard to initiate a proper talk but we can go for it with little understanding and patience. If you are really confused about how to talk than the next few points will help you a lot.

1. Try to make them feel comfortable by asking a reasonable question like

* I noticed a little change in your behaviour, am I right?

* Do you feel to share something? Please feel free to talk to me.

* I will stay beside you  because you seem little down nowadays.

2. The question you can explore.

* Since when you are feeling down?

* Is there any situation drawn you toward this mood?

* What  can i do to make you feel better?

* Ask me for any kind of help?

3. They need a listener, not an adviser.

* Don’t put your advice before listening to them.

* Don’t make them more worried, just give them encouragement and lots of hope.

4. Points you should avoid.

* Hey don’t overthink.

* Everyone got thrown a hard time.

* It’s all inside you.

* Let it be, it’s not a big deal.

* You are overreacting.

* Try to look for a brighter side, be positive.

5. Make them believe that

*Come what may happen, I am there with you

* You are not alone, I am with you.

* Even if I have no clue about your feelings, I will try to help and understand.

* You matters to me. And yes your presence is important for me.

Final thought.

If you feel that situation is out of your hand to help your person , please find a doctor or therapis for them.Go with them on the first visit. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable. Make sure that you will help them to feel normal. One thing you must be aware that Avoid talking about your problem and experience, be fully focused on their situation only. One and the most important thing that you can do with a depressed person is to give unconditional love and care because love is best to cure for any disease. It’s not always easy to deal with a depressed person but we need to be more patient and compassionate.

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