Do you feel like a couch potato?

Do you ever feel not getting up from the bed in the mornings? Perhaps you feel like a fucking lost and want to be a couch potato. Even if you ignore everything and cry out for silly stuff, still, you don’t feel relaxed! You feel like nobody loves you. You feel unwanted and miserable. You compare yourself with everyone and ignore your own voice. Thinking about all those incomplete or pending works. Might be worrying about not cleaning a home, to not having a proper diet. It takes you 2 – 3 days to wake up properly and come back to your daily life.

So it’s taboo in our community to talk about our feelings or mental health. Let me clear you that our medical have the power to treat it very ordinary, even our own few efforts will work on it. It’s not necessary that the reason you are accepting is the only reason behind this unpleasant feeling. Only heartbreak is not responsible for the huge difference in your daily life. There is a number of scientific reasons you are feeling this way.

1. Hormones: There is a number of hormones in a human body which are responsible for mood swings, tears, sexual function, depression, sadness and unhappiness. Our brain release chemicals which are responsible for the situation.

2. The weather: Yes, the weather affects our moods very much, we’ve noticed how we feel happy at the first rain. How we feel frustrated while there is a warm temperature. We feel like blooming when trees are actually blooming. Even there are some basic things which also include wall colour, paintings and any other artificial things.

3. Lack of sleep and physical activity: I personally noticed that less the number of sleeping hours more the number of stressful hours. If I take a break from an exercise I started feeling low key. So it depends on your body. Like my body require 8-9 hour of sleeping and at least a 30-minute workout a day otherwise I start feeling exhausted.

4. Vitamin D: Yes!! Sunlight. Our body is a combination of five elements, therefore, keeping in touch with mother earth and its sources is crucial. Lack of Vitamin D in the body increases the level of stress and anxiety, therefore, we should be aware of every vitamin required for our body.

5. Childhood memories and expectations: Expectations can easily blast your whole happy life into the saddest one. Childhood memories, family issues, and bullying can create a whole different world inside you. This new world can be a place of demons that cover your happiness with the darkness but you yourself have to fight for your happiness. It doesn’t matter what our memories are all we need is to work for ourselves.

Pushing back this situation with few efforts such as –
1. Rejoice your happiness.
2. Share your feeling either with family, friends or any close ones.
3. Take action to solve your problems.
4. Be with an animal, plants or in contact of mother earth.
5. Practice yoga.
6. Set bottom lines.
7. Readjust your comfort zone.

But here is point that if you feel depressed for more than two weeks you must visit a therapist. Yes!! It’s quite normal to see a physician for our mental health too.

Published by As you

Hello,everyone!I write things which i feel need to be written.I think we all are beautiful souls and we are not lost ,we are just discovering our-self.You know once we fall in love with our-self,everyone's game is over.I think its finally time to be happy again so will you join me on the path of self-love?

8 thoughts on “Do you feel like a couch potato?

  1. It happens with everyone, all days r not same…When u r up to something positive, u find interest in everything…Listen to ur heart, it will give u the right direction, if it is confused, talk to God and this almighty Mother nature…

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