2:00 Am talk!!

Life is full of happiness. A well-spent day with a family, friends, your favourite book, a cup of coffee and lots of pretty smiles but I know there must be some heavy nights.No it’s not about depression or something being lonely. It’s all about being frustrated or tired with some stuff. It’s about the things you don’t wanna repeat. It’s about an incident that you don’t wanna remember. Here I’m continuing this blog just to let you know that it’s not only you but periodically we all feel this way.

It’s 2:00 A.M.where most of us are napping or enjoying ourselves in clubs with family or friends. Somewhere this night holding someone tightly. I know how your own thoughts cover up all your happiness. Might be you are not feeling good or even ok. Some of you are crying, some are missing, some are finding themselves or might be someone is looking for you only. Shhhh, calm you are not the one who is feeling this sadness.

I know it’s 2:00 a.m., it’s dark, quiet and the only thing surrounding you is your own thoughts. These 2:00 a.m. thoughts have more power, therefore, you lost yourself for some time, you are staring at your alarm clock watching every passing minute, hoping you’ll fall asleep soon. I know you are not feeling alone, either you don’t wanna scream but you are numb and the only thought in your mind is “Nothing”.
All your tears that you cry just rolling down your face without any significant pain. You might be feeling that nobody loves you and even if you will pack your bag nobody care. How you are dealing is 10000% acceptable too because you are a human being and it’s totally natural, don’t ever think that you are the one who is facing this 2:00 am darkness. It’s obvious that you are looking for a soul who will listen to you, a partner who will hug you and tell you that ” you are ok’, might be you want your mom to tell you that “Bachaa I’m here with you”, slightly waiting for your father to tell you that ” let it be, it’s not a big deal”.

You know this 2:00 am can be harsh with anybody because it’s not all about heartbreaks, it can be a betrayal, love, sadness, family issues, career, dreams, money or so many things. But it’s ok, I’m with you. Hey, just relax. Have a three-deep breath with a glass full of water, now try to feel your fingers on your veins, see you are breathing. Aren’t you? Yes, you are and the biggest thing is you are alive. Isn’t it a big deal?

Hey, buddy doesn’t let these 2:00 am temporary thoughts destroy your permanent partner (you and your mini-me) just sit back, try to sleep or hold your feelings. Let this feeling stay for a time, let it covers you. Feel it. Try to see which things are responsible for this numbness. Don’t think that someone gonna judge you. You should share your feelings with me or someone close to you. Let me be with you, No I’ll not gonna suggest you anything but I’ll listen to you. Yes!! We gonna listen to you. We will stay beside you and together we will wait for the next morning. We will let the next fresh morning makes your life brighter, and let the next dawn make you feel better. Let the new hopes enter your life.

Published by As you

Hello,everyone!I write things which i feel need to be written.I think we all are beautiful souls and we are not lost ,we are just discovering our-self.You know once we fall in love with our-self,everyone's game is over.I think its finally time to be happy again so will you join me on the path of self-love?

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