What is happiness for you?

“Happiness, a key to a perfect life”

Here is the opinion of different people about what happiness is? Here we will try to understand how different things can make us happy and Why others are happier than us?

I am Rupali, and this crazy blogger is my sister
For me watching Korean dramas is happiness ,not just watching but getting completely lost in it. When I watch Korean dramas I feel that love really exist and it is really a beautiful feeling. While watching dramas I found myself completely lost in a different world from where I don’t ever want to come back. I wish I could live that type of life at least once. My love for them is beyond limits that I can’t explain them in words.Hello, everyone, I am Aayushi bhatra for me Happiness is being childish. Live life with your own thoughts, own risk, make mistakes learn from them and move ahead. Break the rules and live without regrets and guilt.

Here is Aishwariya For me
Happiness means no restrictions, no rules. Just a simple life with the full support of family and friend.

I am Aayushi Patidar and for me, happiness is to make my parents feel proud and watching myself to being an independent woman.

This is Aakanksha here and I am blessed with a sweet smile and cut to forward nature. According to me, Watching my love ones happy is my happiness. Many people are getting frustrated in the quarantine time but I am enjoying it by doing simple things like spending time with family, video calling to friends, drawing and learning new things. I just want to say that happiness starts from ourself so be happy and always keep a smile on your face.

My name is Akshita Gupta. I am always curious to know about every new thing. Happiness means living every single movement of life, it arises when someone gives you a qualitative time. Spending time with family, roaming with father, feeling safe in mothers lap, care of grandma, sharing every sad and happy movement with a special person is also a part of happiness.

I Arnika Gupta a professional content writer, curiosity to learn new things make me interested in writing
Hours of enjoyment with friends and family

Abundant time for relaxation and food

Prosperity and new opportunities
Plenty of love who need it the most
Increment in salary every
ever depend on others for anything
Empathy with every mankind
Stop doing pleased everyone
Spend life with an ample of Happiness!

Hello, I am Dr Chhavi Saxena
For me happiness is shivering hands of parents for blessings when we are in pain, happiness is satiety of food when a needy is terribly hungry, happiness is roaming around with friends or family. Happiness is having a cup of coffee when you have a headache from your kid. Happiness is a marriage of our dear one and seeing the sparkle in eyes of the couple, happiness is playing with your kiddos, doing all messy things and last but not yet closed happiness is reading a novel with a cup of coffee and earplug on.

Dhananjay Patidar.
Happiness is what I don’t know but I know. How I feel when I’m being happy is that I think positive, I see good in all things and make wise wishes.

I am Dhananjay Patidar, An amateur photographer and going to be a Designer. The Happiness of my Family and My beloved wife is the true happiness of my life.❤️

For Geetanjali, Sharing things with someone else and putting some small helpful hands for friends and family is happy.

For Kanupriya Dadheech
Happiness is the source of inner beauty.  We can feel happiness in every phase of life. Happiness can be felt in every moment and the thing that we do in our day-to-day life like in a child’s smile, helping each other, in doing some work, sitting with the family, and several more things we do. Happiness can be felt only when you think you are happy from inside and out.

Lekhni Mittal says that
To me, happiness does not mean to laugh but being a part of someone else happiness is real happiness.

Hey, Monika patidar here
I think happiness varies from person to person. For bagger and needy getting food is happiness. For someone getting married, having baby, feeling the kicks inside a womb is happiness and for me, happiness is seeing happy faces around myself.

Neha Inchurkar says
For me, happiness is preparing pizza, Maggie, cake and any other snakes in a group for small orphan kids. Actually, I feel that children don’t need money to be happy but they need love and special attention. And seriously there is nothing happier than that kid’s smile.

Hey, I am pooja Patidar. On the way of finding myself.
So I mainly depend on people for my happiness. Here are a few things which make me happy.
. Helping the needy ones.
. Spending some quality time with      mini-me
. Getting a cheerful smile from anybody.
. When a child holds my finger.
. When a hand raise to bless me.
. looking at my mom while she laughs.

Priyanka Kotwar says For me happiness is love it may be a parent’s love or friends love, I think love, respect and care are true happiness.

Prajjwal sule says
In my point of view, Happiness is a box which is empty, due to arrogance and selfishness and if one can find the happiness in someone else happy then it is a master key of their box.
Thalapathy Vijay said
“Life is very short naanba(friend) always be happy”

Pooja thakur says
My happiness is my family and friends. I Almost shared everything with my family but some secrets are only shared with friends. My college friends are my happiest people, we shared everything bunking classes, gossips, lunch box, canteen tea, breakup, love, care, tear and yeah our craziness. So family and friends are my happy life.

For Raghav Patidar
A life without disturbance is happiness and what about opening bottle of beer, is there anything happier? Of course not because its extreme level of happiness.

Hello Everyone!! I Rishita Agrawal pursuing MBA.
There are different answers to this question like “I would be happy when I will buy a new car, new house, partying with friends being with family, winning a lottery, getting married, travelling the world with my partner, capturing scenic beauty in our cameras, having children  etc.”But it can’t make you happy for a long time. True happiness is happiness inside you. True happiness is enjoying your own company and living in peace and harmony with your body, mind and soul. True happiness is a state of mind constantly being in love with yourself.

I am Saloni Ajmera. I believe in simplicity.
For me Happiness really means 
H – Helpful
A-  attachment
P – polite
P – Peace
I – Integrity
N –  Noble
E- emotional
S -social work
S- Sacrifice
Happiness is that moment when I am with my friends no matter about the place and time.

Shivani Malviya says
When you help someone and see their happiness, and the satisfaction and smiles come on your face automatically that’s the true happiness for me. Also, happiness is when your extreme desires complete with time.

Shivani Choudhary says
For me, happiness is to help someone’s in completing their wish and if that wish is their actual need.

Shakti Singh bhadoriya says
Taking care of three things is happines
1st one is my own
2nd family and friends
3rd Social
Happiness can be
inside out
Or outside in.

I am Sonali Joshi and for me, happiness is being a helping hand and if I am able to bring a small healthy change in society it’s a happiness for me.

Hey, I am Sonal Singh and for me Satisfaction of ourself with our life is happiness.

Here is Sheetal Patidar
Having that one special person who understands and approve me to be myself is happiness. Talking and being with him gives me bunches of happiness.

Hey, This is Tanaya, the one who is an ambivert. According to me, happiness is in solitude because when you are in solitude you stay with yourself, you enjoy your own company ( which I love the most❣️) and you explore yourself. And let me clear you that no one can hurt you when you are at your own space.

Here is Utsika for me Happiness is all my crazy friends. Happiness is our friendship, all those days which we spent together and all moments which we enjoyed like a grand celebration.

I am Urvashi Bhagat, I’m excited to be part of this blog.
Watching sunrise and sunset.
Not even being with Nature.
But when someone says, I trust you.
Spending my time with most valuable people of life.
Having and sharing best conversations with closest friends.
Listening “Don’t worry, Be confident”, “Take care of your health”,” Are you eating food on time?”,”Sleep well” –  from my parents gives me happiness.
Also Motivating and Advising to a friend when they come and share their problems give me happiness and I must say spread happiness as much as you can.

You are my happiness.

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Hello,everyone!I write things which i feel need to be written.I think we all are beautiful souls and we are not lost ,we are just discovering our-self.You know once we fall in love with our-self,everyone's game is over.I think its finally time to be happy again so will you join me on the path of self-love?

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  1. Different kind of people have their own opinion abt happiness I appreciate to all for thems thought. N when I read this blog I came to now various things that give us happiness n also gor getting happiness we can go with them☺ … Radika di keep it up😘

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