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Again!! shame of us. It was a case of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. A pregnant dog was brutally beaten by women and her neighbor. She was bitten strongly that she was unable to even move. Some people informed. Later she was taken by a few volunteers for treatment where the doctor found that she is not in a condition to give birth to her babies. Then doctors decided to do premature surgery and take out babies from her womb. One of them dies within three hours of surgery and another one is still fighting to live. The mother also died after all efforts to save her.

And this news made me cry, how cruel one can be? How can women treat a woman like this? Yes!! Women are women even if they’re animals. This is really heartbreaking, these people even have a heart? How can they even think of such a kind of action?

I had a good experience with a pet as well as stray animals and believe me they both are equally loyal, they both are the the the same, they both love us back, and they both stay as our true friends. You know how we treat our pets, especially dogs. We love them a lot and even if people call them a dog, we start feeling bad. We buy them by paying money, oh!! Sorry. It’s too rude, we adopt them. Right? We give a name to our pets, we make special arrangements for their living. We treat them as family members but what about stray animals? Whether we talk about dogs, cats or cows, we should take care of them and even if we are not capable to help, we don’t have a right to treat them brutally.

In my opinion, the better we understand the human-animal bond, the more we can use it to improve people’s lives. Don’t think that they are animals but treat them as a living beings.
Let’s have a look at the quality of animals

  • Animals are a good friend of human, they make friends with loyalty only.
  • Animals never leave you also, even if you treat them harshly.
  • They can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship.
  • They make our life joyful.

You know every religion says to protect other creatures, No religion ever said to kill them or to mistreat them. Every creature has an equal right to live with freedom and we humans are no one to stop them living there life. We are no one to snatch their freedom. Just because they are unable to raise there voice, it doesn’t mean we also shouldn’t. I request everyone to raise your voice and strict punishment must be taken into action against this animal crime. Whoever he/she is, we have to say No!! No to the animal scandal. We want justice for this dog and law which will lead toward the protection of animals. There must be a law that nobody even dares to victimize animals.

8 responses to “Pregnant dog killed in Bhubaneswar.”

  1.  Avatar

    It’s very shame full. I am cry when I read this blog. Please take care also animals guys

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  2.  Avatar

    This is really a shameful thing 🙁

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  3. Sonali Patidar Avatar
    Sonali Patidar


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  4.  Avatar

    I love dogs n i cant hear this news where is huminity .. Wse bi kya kr skte h aj kal jb insan insan ki care nahii krta h to ye to animals h ….

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  5. Ishika mehta Avatar
    Ishika mehta

    I love dogs n i cant hear this news where is huminity .. Wse bi kya kr skte h aj kal jb insan insan ki care nahii krta h to ye to animals h ….

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  6. Deepak Verma Avatar
    Deepak Verma

    🤐🤐🤐no words on …….

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  7. As you Avatar

    😞😞We should raise our voice.


  8.  Avatar

    This should not be done..

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