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“Saying no can be the ultimate self-care.

Says Claudia Black.”

Saying “No” must be gentle and gracious art. We are not here to please everyone, we are not here to let ourselves be hurt by others and we are not here to do everything people say to us. We have to set our boundaries, our priorities and our rights too. Sometimes we need to say no to the calls, selfies, messages, kisses, hugs, parties, dinner or whatever bothers us. Not because we hate these acts but sometimes we need time for ourselves.
Give yourself permission and audacity to say NO without feeling guilty, mean, or selfish, 

*Stop being too nice.

We don’t need to take care of everyone but ourselves. Sometimes we have to say ‘No’ just for ourselves, not for others. I must say that let’s stop impressing everyone. Let’s just try to be clear and straight forward too because It’s okay if we are busy and unable to say yes!! It’s too normal if we don’t have time or even if we are not in the mood to do their work. I think we should never say yes!! Until we really wanna say so. 
It’s like we should not hold a bunch of commitments on our shoulders just because someone wishes us to do so, as it will only make us feel frustrated after some time.

*Yes!! Are you ready?

Before saying yes to anyone, we must know the implications of yes!! Like are we capable to do so? Are we satisfied with our decision? Are we happy with that “Yes”? But if we ever decide to say yes, then I must say that we should not take steps back.  We have to do, as we said because now the next person depends on our yes!! So it’s all our choice to choose yes or no but at least we should choose it carefully and consciously. 

“Before continuing further I want to take a minute to thank you, yes! The one who is reading a blog right now, your reading means a lot to me.”

* It’s not rudeness.

You know most of the time we think that ” No” is rude, and thus we don’t choose it. I still remember how I used to say maybe, I’ll think, wait and all those excuses. It took me months to practice saying “No”. Now I want you to try it, try to feel how relaxing it is to say ” No”. Buddy, saying no doesn’t mean that you are rude, it’s simple that you are not feeling satisfied to say Yes! 

At the end of this blog, I want to say that don’t take me wrong, saying NO is all up to you. It’s your choice and your decision. I must say that don’t hesitate, don’t feel shy, don’t try to give excuses just because you want to say no!! Say it easily. It will help you to simplify your life, it will make you feel better, it will increase your morale and create a high level of self-respect.

 “Say no to everything, so you can say yes to the one thing.” – Richie Norton


Thank you for your precious time.

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