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The end of the relationshipThis generation isn’t about true love”“Love is fake “

These two rumours are increasing the number of breakups every day.A breakup is a one-time incident that can be a life long lesson to everyone if one understands it to be.  Do we really know the meaning of break up at all? Well!! Don’t be too confused, let me share what it is in my opinion.
The end of the relationship.
Blocking each other.
Deleting contacts.
*Ignoring each other.
It’s not about the breakup. It’s a childish way of showing that you are no more interested in your partner.The true meaning of breakup is “confession” Yes! the day your partner confesses that Baby, We can’t keep this relationship anymore, we need to separate, will be your breakup day and of course one should not make any efforts after losing interest or self-respect.

#Do boys get hurt after a breakup?If it’s real, there will be no boundaries of tears, if it is real, one will definitely get hurt and they will try to come back to you. Dear girls yes!! Boys also cry for a girl. It was only a few months ago I saw one of my closest friend crying out for a girl. He loved her more than she ever deserved. He did everything to keep the relationship alive. Well..shit happens when there is more than expectations. I strongly agree that no matter boys or girls, nothing matters if there is love then there will be definitely a heartbreak after a breakup.Many times we allow our exes to re-enter in a relationship but will it really be beneficial? Will it change anything? Will you able to develop trust again? 

#Better leave instead of trying to fix.I’m being a little too honest on here, I’ll not talk about relaxing only but truth also. It’s too normal that things start hurting but just think about it. Why would you be in a relationship where the next person doesn’t want to to be? What about your expectations? Your happiness? Your smile? Don’t you think that you deserve someone who will speak your language that next time you don’t need to clarify anything? Why you are trying to fix everything, if they really mean they will not let you go, they will stay, they will understand. All I want to say that don’t beg for love. Your soul needs love and you’ll find it soon.Before I go further I’d like to take a minute to thank the one who decides to stick on reading. I am here just for you guys and your appreciation will be my spirit.

#Have faith in your decision It’s okay to leave when you feel lost and insecure. It’s okay to ask for a breakup when you start losing your self-respect and seeing yourself as a second priority.If your inner soul asks you to take a new step then please buddy, do so. You don’t need to be somewhere, where you are no more important. You know, I believe in signs. Yes, our intuitions and our sixth sense can never be wrong. Whatever we feel, we feel through our intuition and if we feel to leave. just take this decision with certainty. Don’t blame yourself because of someone else. Have faith, trust and believe in your decisions.  

What to do/not to do?Hey!! I believe that I am on the right track. What about you?  How you are dealing with your heartbreak or breakups? I must say that one should never take help of another relationship to move on. Even we don’t need to move on, we just need to accept and understand. Everything in this world can be healed with time, as we know time is a best healing medicine. You know I believe in God, but I don’t think God is free to take care of my breakups and therefore I never blamed God for my breakup. What about you? What do you think?Well,I want to put down my pen and want you to write your feelings in comments. I want to know how you are doing?/ where you need me? How do you deal with your partner? How you ignore fights? How do you enjoy? How you move on? With lots of love and care, here I am waiting for your replies. 

Thank you for your precious time.

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