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“Beauty is not on the face; beauty is a light in the heart. “Well said by unknown…

A man of sharp and slick look, black bow with a perfect suit and classy shoes. An elegant woman with a white rich gown and a pair of high heels. Is it what we refer to as beautiful? I think it’s just a polishing that everyone can do by spending money.

Here we need to know a close meaning of beauty so that if we ever look at people in torn old outfits we won’t create a judgement for them.

 As per my understating, actual beauty is what lies in our pure hearts and humble behaviour. A nature that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe around us.

“Where does beauty come from?” 

 It is easy that we can enhance beauty with fashion but is it so? I think no, beauty only comes with a pure heart and a wide smile that can make anyone’s day, a smile that can make anyone feel joyous. In other words, Beauty is nothing but a pure heart that can lead to someone’s happy life. Beauty also comes with our nature, our behaviour, our way of living life, our level of understanding, our perception and the way we treat others.

“Beauty attracts.”

 A pure soul attracts a lot of love in one’s life and without love, life is nothing. And because the outer look never attracts a pure soul I think everyone should adopt beauty instead of polishing. Being beautiful by an external appearance isn’t a bad idea, but to be honest, it won’t work for a long I mean it will vanish with time. Therefore before moving into someone’s life, we all need to be beautiful from the inside, we should be more blissful and truthful from the heart so that others can see their beauty with us.

“Beauty is everywhere!”

Beauty is everywhere, therefore, we should not miss a single chance to see it. And here only beautiful people can see the beauty in the world. It’s a fact that we can only see, what we are like beautiful eyes can see the beauty around them. You know everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it just because of its toxic nature.

Everyone should believe in their dreams and should have beautiful dreams. If Our dreams have beauty, the future belongs to us because those who believe in the beauty of their dreams have a whole universe behind them.

Whenever I sit alone I see the beauty around me like how a little girl holds her father’s hand, how birds chirping in the morning, how street animals are cared by people and how flowers dance to the rhythm of the wind.

“Magic and beauty! “

In this world of magic, I always want to be a beautiful me. I never try to check out for miseries in my life, I only believe in good things and therefore most of the time I see the magic around me. Magic is the creative art which draws smiles to the other’s faces. I believe that one can easily forget all pains just by the magic of beauty, just by the magic of a smile.

 As blooming trees attract birds, a smile attracts beauty. 

We all must try to observe happiness, peace, love, passion, devotion, and affection around us. I mean let’s just try to connect with more people and bring more happiness around us.

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your soul. “Alice Walker”

Thank you for your precious time.

2 responses to “Beauty or just makeup.”

  1. Mayank khandelwal Avatar
    Mayank khandelwal

    It also clearly depends on person to person that what is beauty for him or her .
    Keep going , keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As you Avatar

    Thank you..


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