Being human is?

Being human is humanity and we all must live for mankind. Humanity doesn’t mean to be available all the time but it’s just about caring. All the people in the world are of the same group, we must not separate them on the name of nationality or religion. We all are same therefore it’s our prime duty to take care of others.

“Each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity.”
Marie Curie

“What is humanity?”
Humanity means to know others’ grief, problems, sorrows, pain, suffering, misery, agony and try to resolve it. Somewhere, everyone is dealing with some issues, even if they are the richest man in the world. Nobody is perfectly happy therefore ain’t a wealthy, smart or famous person but we should just try to be a human first. You know each and every religion says us to be humble, to show humanity. Every holy book has focused only on mankind and the best behavior of humans. It is just we, who are dividing our society.

“Why humanity?”

Not for others but we can show humanity for ourself also.
Demonstrating humanity doesn’t always mean that you are helping someone else but most of the time it brings a lot of happiness, high level of satisfaction, deep inner peace,  pleasure and joy to us.

“21st century!”
In our generation human robots are also available, they can do anything for us, even better than us. So what left for us? How we will be more accurate than robots?

So the only thing is humanity, yes we are humans and have a special power to feel. No robots can replace out this identity, therefore, we should proud to be human and we must use these powers to help each other.

” My contribution “
Sometimes a rich man donates so many things and thinks that it will help one. Indeed it helps too but as I don’t have much money to donate so what about me? How am I gonna help? So I thought about it and got the easiest answer that donation doesn’t mean to help financially but we can help by just being there for a one who needed. Yes, we all can help each other from the place we are and with the money we have.

Well, we don’t need to think much about humanity, it’s just doing whatever our heart feels to do for must try to listen, to help,  to make someone’s happy, to make someone’s day.

Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” Roy T. Bennett

Thank you for reading.
“Stay home-Stay safe”

Published by As you

Hello,everyone!I write things which i feel need to be written.I think we all are beautiful souls and we are not lost ,we are just discovering our-self.You know once we fall in love with our-self,everyone's game is over.I think its finally time to be happy again so will you join me on the path of self-love?

14 thoughts on “Being human is?

  1. Beautiful thought!!
    Keep writing, keep going.
    Your thoughts might change someone’s perspective towards things.

    Liked by 1 person

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