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Hey!! We should allow ourselves to love again and to feel special for someone new. I know the fear of getting hurt makes us feel uncomfortable but we have to allow it. We should not allow love because love is the only source of happiness and because we all need it badly but we should allow love to nourish our happiness. I think we should allow someone to come closer and call us at the midnight to say that
“I miss you”

We should allow someone to take care of us, stay forever with us and make us believe that we are beautiful. You know one thing that we all are special and let’s allow someone to make us feel special. This time we should feel how important we are and how polity one should care for us. Just because of a few past experiences we should not give up and close the door to love.

We all are humans and it’s pretty okay to face betrayal. One bad relationship can’t ruin our whole life. So let’s trust again and feel free to love. Yes, we are not allowed to judge others based on past experiences too so let’s try to release the fear of betrayal and accept the unconditional love on our way.

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