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Heyaaaa… You know what? last night I had a dream where a girl sitting at the corner of the treehouse, she was singing a melodious song but I was totally unaware of the lyrics. There was a cat too ,she was about to sleep on a comfy couch. See this dream was full of peace and I believe that whatever we want or we think, will automatically appear in our dream.
So here in this blog, we will discuss our dreams. How much they connected to us and are they real?


We all dream, even if we don’t remember it on the next day. Some theories say that there is no sense of dreams, on the other hand, some proved that they actually connected to a human mind. So we all are free to accept whatever we feel hence I experienced dreams as real thought. I believe that dreams are something we hold in our conscious and subconscious mind. Something we want to happen or we think about.

Are dreams real?

Ummmm. Yes!! I think whatever we dream is already a reality. It’s simple like you have seen a perfect dream with all real character, all real appearance and yes!! With a real environment than who says it’s not real? There are lucid dreams too where we already know that we are dreaming. We can actually feel the things happened in the dream and we can physically be connected too. So aren’t they real?

Do you wanna make sense of your dreams?

Are you curious about your dreams or want to sort out any possible meaning behind them? Its gonna be interesting so here you follow few things.

1. Keep the journal: First of all, you need to notice as well as try to remember your dream because we naturally forget most of our dreams. So you should keep your journal under your pillow and as soon as you wake up just write down your dreams.

2. Don’t wake up with alarm; Yes!! Whenever we wake up with alarm we forget our most of dreams, therefore, waking up naturally helps a lot to remind our dreams.

3. Be attentive; that yes!! I am gonna remember my dream, I am gonna write it. When we give attention we will get attention back from dreams.

Final thought;

Dreams are part of our life and we should not take them for granted. They are real and we should focus on them even if we feel something special in a dream we must celebrate it. We should not ignore like huh!! It’s just a dream. No, it’s really was a dream, a beautiful one with lots of hidden messages.

One more thing that If you couldn’t fly in actual life than go and fly in your dreams, I am sure that will also give you the same happiness. Don’t compare your life with dreams, just take them as part of life.

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    My morning dreams have play pause mode…

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