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“Sometimes our mental health reflects into our outer beauty”, isn’t it right? There are days when we find our oil-free soft skin and dandruff free silky hair, we start loving ourself a little bit extra. We smile in front of the mirror and feel confident in front of everyone. Just because our skin is more clear and glowing, we consider everything is perfect. The human body is generally considered as a physical body and we all are looking for a perfect body, therefore I am gonna share my personal experience with Indrani Cosmetics.

First of all, thank you so much Indrani Cosmetics to deliver such a beautiful cosmetic bucket to me hence I am sure that I’ll share my personal and honest experience with you.

Indrani Cosmetics is an authentic cosmetics brand with a deep understanding of the beauty and science of cosmetics. After years of research, the brand has developed world-class products. Products for skincare, haircare, body care and hygiene. Their wide range of skincare, body care products adhere to all aspects of beauty. Indrani facial and beauty kits are part of their finest products. Here are a few products I especially loved.

First and my favourite, Orange

Facial Kit:

A kit is full of lemon cleansing milk, Apricot scrub, orange facial massage gel, nourishing massage cream with vitamin E oil. Orange face pack and Astringent. This kit helps our skin to glow in a very short period of time. This orange facial kit is perfect for oily skin but if you have a different skin type, you should check out a link

Spa skin freshener:
This freshener shrinks opened pores and maintain the pH balance of the skin. It should be applied with the help of wet cotton after a removing spa facial pack.

The second one is Indrani Sal Face :

This sal face is very much efficient, would you believe that only two drops give sufficient foam and cleansing to our face? This Sal face helps to remove pores as well as acne from our skin. For more information please check out the link

Next is Premium shampoo and conditioner :

Indrani premium shampoo and conditioner contain an enormous soothing fragrance. After using shampoo one must apply conditioner for 3 minutes, it will make hair smooth by coating every single hair with a protective layer. Its range is also good therefore check out the link to purchase the product.

Veg peel:

A morning with 10 minutes of perfect exfoliator will make anyone’s day happy. Yes!! This veg peel helps our skin to remove dead cells and glow very effectively. It’s really awesome to get party-ready within 10 minutes and I personally recommend this veg peel for oily skin. There are more in a category such as Anti-acne gel, AHA cream, saffron gel for a different kind of skin. So what are you waiting for? just check out the link and fill your basket with your choice.

Final thought:

Our skin is our priority therefore selecting the best brand for our skin is our duty. don’t ever jump directly to one-product but try to use other brands. I am sure that once you gonna use the product of Indrani brand you gonna start loving every product of this brand. From the packaging of the product to the final delivery, everything is properly shaped.

Thank you for reading 💌

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