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An unconsciously born feeling that can heal any suffering, a feeling that can make anyone feel alive.
You know whenever I talk about love I start blushing, Yes!! As you can see yourself too. Love is a sort of magic, isn’t it? We feel like blooming whenever we find ourselves in love. Today I am totally gonna talk about the love we find in the playground, garden, school, college, coaching and weddings too. Love that every teenager feel at least once in their age and this love holds a very special place in my heart.

One-sided Love?

Did you ever feel it? How it snitch our sleep and make us feel more alive.How we eat less and think more. How we smile while reading his messages and hate when someone interrupts. Every time we wake-up we check out our mobiles with half-open eyes and hoping for a message from so-called our crush. I’m smiling, didn’t you? Yes, these butterflies in the stomach are proof that love is magic. Of course, most of you are thinking that how can one-sided love be perfect?

So it’s not perfect it’s perfectly imperfect.

Still, there is a guy in my life whose single message can make my day. Even I start glowing whenever I think about him because I know there is no boundary of expectations from any side. I’m all free to feel whatever I want to, where sometimes I pretend to share my coffee with him, sometimes I imagine him in a white “Kurta” (one of the Indian traditional clothes) and seating beside me.

Whenever I feel to talk, I write notes and automatically I start sensing more than delighted. I love the way he didn’t text me first, the way I check his profiles and the way he smiles in every picture. It’s totally amazing. I can say I’m so in one-sided love. I was never been this much happy in any relationship.

Before 15 days one of my friends said that he is in love with a girl and he wants to make her smile. He didn’t want any relationship but to make her smile. Why? Because he loves to watch her smile. Isn’t it great? Real love and rare too.

Don’t take your feelings for granted

Yes!! Either it’s one-sided or a two-sided, love is love. Let me tell you that don’t hide this happiness, it’s a special feeling that we all are allowed to feel. It’s a gift of nature and it’s totally free. It does not matter what others will think, it’s all about what we are feeling? I think we are all free to share it and to show everyone that yes we are in love.

Here I’m sharing one of my favorite lyrics I hope you gonna love it too.
“Let Your Love Flow”

By The Bellamy Brothers

There’s a reason for the sunshine sky
And there’s a reason why I’m feelin’ so high
Must be the season when that love light shines
All around us
So let that feelin’ grab you deep inside
And send you reelin’ where your love can’t hide
And then go stealin’ through the moonlit nights
With your lover
Just let your love flow like a mountain stream
And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show and you’ll know what I mean
It’s the season
Let your love fly like a bird on a wing
And let your love bind you to all living
And let your love shine and you’ll know
what I mean
That’s the reason.

Isn’t it shows the true meaning of love?

No expectations, No blaming

Love is not about blaming each other or having a lot of expectations. Love is free to any bond where everyone is independent to feel. It’s not necessary that your partner, ex, crush and boyfriend gonna feel the same you are feeling. It’s all about you, about what you feel for them? how you wanna love them? how do you think it gonna work and last but not least how long you are gonna love them?

At the end of the blog, I want to ask you one thing that do you think that you are in love? Do you have any garden or school love story? Do you think you gonna say yes!! to the one who has a crush on you? I’m seriously waiting for your replies.

15 responses to “One-sided love is a blessing.”

  1. Akshita Gupta Avatar
    Akshita Gupta

    Love feeling is amazing…😍

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  2. Nikss Avatar

    Superb ❀️

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  3. Ashish kumar Avatar
    Ashish kumar

    Woo really all your words are relatable amazing.

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  4. Shrutika Nandurkar Avatar

    Ugh One sided love ! Beautiful β™₯️

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  5.  Avatar

    Love is a feeling to get a happiness in your life. Your life can be easily go through with love. Love is a important in our life.

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  6.  Avatar


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  7.  Avatar


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  8. Deepak verma Avatar
    Deepak verma

    One sided love is very special love & I one sided love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  9. patidarayushi Avatar


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  11. Pihu Avatar


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  12. motivate_yourself_123 Avatar

    πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯when i was reading your blog….. trust me my mind says ready it once again

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  13.  Avatar

    Superb πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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  14. Deepika Patidar Avatar
    Deepika Patidar

    Superb πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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  15. As you Avatar

    Thank you


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