“The menstrual cycle”A process of being women.

Hello everyone, especially girls. Today I am here with a general topic
” Menstruation “.A cycle of women, a sign to become a woman, a process of completing the woman and the source of enhancing life.

A general concept of menstruation cycle:

Medically, menstruation is a process in a women’s body, where blood from the uterus, exits through the vagina. Every month a women’s body is ready for gestation and when there is no pregnancy, the lining of the uterus and womb start breaking into the tissues. These tissues flow with blood and show that a woman isn’t pregnant. There are so many upheavals of hormones at the time of menstruation, therefore, mood swings are also normal.

At what age menstruation cycle starts?

Naturally, this cycle starts at the age of 10 – 15 but if it is late we must go to our physicians.

How long it last?

Five days are very natural for periods. The different body has a different case, It can also be of 3, 5 and 7 days. In case your periods are more than a week you should see a physician.

How often periods come?

When a girl experienced a very first time of the menstrual cycle, it can be late as 1- 2 years but Generally, 28 days required to complete one cycle. In case your periods come in less than 22 days or more than 90 days you must go to a physician.

Do only women get periods?

No transgender men can also get their periods. Their body also generates different hormones which lead to the menstrual cycle.

Indian rituals and facts behind menstruation

In India menstruation is surrounded by taboos and myths. It affects women physically and mentally too. We just need to understand this concept of periods therefore we all can make it a happy journey to become a woman.

Girls are impure at the time of menstruation:

Seriously!! How? I mean how can a woman be impure just because of bloody blood flowing through her vagina. You know in past it starts with the care of women. These rules were made to strongly take care of women.

Earlier women were busy with all household works and all other stuff. They used to went into the forest and sleeping outside the home. As we all know that animals, especially wild animals attract with the smell of blood, therefore, few rules were amended for women such as :

1. Don’t go outside the residence

Not because of evil will catch you but because a wild animal can smell your blood and can attack you.

2. Take leave from all household work

It’s not because women’s body is impure but at the time of periods, a women’s body is already in pain. The body needs rest, extra care and good food.

3. Women should not visit Temple

There was no such rule because in Hindus it’s cleared that Agnihotri yagna took place daily by Men and women, it was known as Mahayagna. It’s too clear that If women can seat in Mahayagna, they can even go to Temple.

Today’s generation and autonomy of periods

If women want freedom from the word “periods ” they themselves have to speak up louder. Whenever you buy a sanitary napkin why you allowed them to wrap it in black beg? When you are on your periods in public place or classroom, why you whisper it in ears? When you have cramps then why didn’t you ask your father or brother to buy you a medicine? Trust me girls your father gonna treat you more comfortably than your mother.

My personal experience says that men are more supportive of women than women support women and yes!!

Somewhere you yourself are accepting it. Because still in India, only 57.6% of women are aware of using sanitary napkins, and the rest of the women are using cloths. This cloth leads to infection and many diseases.

Well, This cycle is very pure and important for the entire earth therefore we all need to be aware of it. Dear girls stop being shy about your natural process, stop hiding it and just try to talk openly about your menstruation.

Stay home – stay safe – stay connected to me

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