Chaport is a platform that enables you to talk with the customer in real-time via live chat on your website. You can easily install it on iOS, Android, Web, Windows and macOS too, where Chaport assists your Visitors to chat even if you are offline and show notification through email for convenient. This is an excellent application software that provides the company an easy live chat option with potential customers.

In Modern era, it is essential to fully satisfy and listen to your customer therefore Chaport allows you to be more friendly and close to your clients by installing Chaport on your website. It will be easier to communicate and answer queries of website visitors through Chaport. This application also helps you to increase high customer engagement as well as helps in increasing the sales level too.

1. Delivering considerable services at one place

There is a number of live chat support applications are available in the market but Chaport is full of advance services such as file sending, typing insight, saved replies, detail visitor information, widget customization, multilingual chat widget, auto invitation, group chat, reports and so on. Availability of multiple services at one platform makes this application varied from other platforms present in the market.

2. A susceptible chat with customer
Chart is a user-friendly application that is creative as well as more enjoyable for customers. Here we can send auto invitations to our new clients to chat with an advance feature of “auto invitation”. You can easily connect Chaport with 2,000+ apps using Zapier or by integrating it with other applications which benefit to cover your website visitors from every corner of social media. You can even transfer the chat to the group where you can talk to multiple clients at the same time that will save your time as well as easy to answer multiple questions. According to the report of Aberdeen Group, online shoppers greatly prefer live chat over other forms of communication, it makes it easier for the customer to multi-task, therefore, by the use of this application, you will get high customer satisfaction as well as higher engagement.

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