Impact of COVID -19 on traditional business.

The COVID – 19 ( Coronavirus) is the longest pandemics of the century, which results in less number of demises but a huge impact on the economy or market of any country. The COVID -19 pandemic outbreak has forced many businesses to close but still, there are a number of business who grows with the time of COVID -19. Traditional business, a business who serves local customers with different product as well as services are one of the business who affected more positively than other businesses. Here we will talk over the impact of COVID – 19 on tradition businesses only.

• Social distancing a key to profit :

As we all are living in the society, where purchasing depends on the word of mouth marketing (WOM marketing) as well as the rating of the store we neglected to purchase anything from local retailers. In past, we had trust issues with local retailers and here due to the concept of social distancing, we started buying products from local merchants and started trusting them fully. We can say that it’s completely a new beginning and opportunity for traditional business.

• Traditional business goes online :

Where COVID -19 locked all of us in our homes, the only traditional business serves us with ease. Lockdown leads every business to goes online, especially it is beneficial for traditional business to deliver the product at the door in the local areas. Before the COVID -19 pandemic, People were preferring online services but nowadays they are more focused on ordering from the local region only. Trusting our retailers and leading them towards a bright future is the most positive impact of COVID -19.

There are other positive impacts such as :

• Expanding of product line of traditional business.

“Be Vocal About Local” a pledge as well as proved a great way to regain an economic balance with the help of traditional businesses.

Availability of a large number of the product.

• Helping in maintaining a great and healthy relationship between local people and retailers.

• Leads to a new business opportunity.

Final thought:

The COVID-19 outbreak is a sharp reminder that the situation can change anytime. As we all know that every situation have positive as well as negative effects too but this situation leads to a favourable opportunity to traditional business. COVID – 19 proved that we can not stop viruses and huge economic consequences but we can converts it as an opportunity to grow and expand the new business areas.
We can be a good opportunity sicker as well as the founder of the new ideas. Today tradition business is the only source of a great economy and a healthy market.

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