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Hey, I hope you are doing good. I want you all to comment answer of a question that Are you mature? After reading a complete blog please think for a minute and answer.

Note;/ “If you suffer from mental illness, know you’re not alone. Approximately 322 million people worldwide suffer from depression and 264 million suffer from an anxiety disorder.”

Depression a state where everyone seems mysterious, where a whole world seems like a dark color. You know we watch depression with a stereotyping. What we think depression looks like.

1. A sad human sitting in the garden.

2. A girl who doesn’t prefer to go outside.

3. A boy who won’t talk to anyone in the class.

4. A man who never laughs.

5. A woman who cries.

Isn’t it right?

We ignore them

1. Who speaks to everyone but cry in dark.

2. A girl who goes for hanging out but in her mind she thinks to hang herself.

3.A man who laughs at every single joke but never in front of a mirror.

What do you think? Isn’t it all messed up? Our every feeling and expression is completely messed. up Even if we laugh that doesn’t mean we are happy, why? Why we can not being honest with ourself? Just because of this fucking world or a society. Yes!! A society who never gonna supports us, A society who stares at us even if we breathe.

Do you remember when we were a kid like how we cry to fallen from the cycle and informed our parents about every single scratch on our body? Aren’t we used to share every single thought with our parents? but now, what happened to us? Even if we try to attempt suicide we don’t think to share with our parents. We cried in the darkest place, we hang ourselves, we hide and we keep everything inside our heart.

What we think is that now I am mature. We describe maturity as storing things in our mind, fighting alone, solving problems by ourself and if we failed then only one way left in our mind, And that is committing suicide. Man, this is shit, it’s not maturity at all, maturity means sharing our thoughts and problems with our parents, friends or partner. Maturity is a state where we understand that society is no one, we and our happiness matters.

One thing is clear that what we think as a problem is only 40% of the actual problem.

Tell me one thing, your mom dad brings you in this world to live as a happy soul or to be a miserable soul. I mean how can you assume that if you gonna share with your parents, then they will get disturbed? How can you even think that they will be disappointed by your problem or thought? Trust me that they are parents and all they want to see their children happy.

Final thought; sharing can solve everyone’s problem. I believe that sometimes its really hard to share what’s happening with us but trust me and for atleast once please try to share. Before a few days, I received a mail and that person said that I wanna share but I don’t want to. See I understand, I can feel a dilemma but tell me one thing what is more important , your problem or your life ? Life!! Right.

4 responses to “Are you mature?”

  1. Aakanksha Solanki Avatar
    Aakanksha Solanki

    True if we share our problems it can be solve much better.

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  2.  Avatar

    we should share our problems with family and friends.All problem have their solution. Nice👌

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  3.  Avatar

    Nice Radhika , this article will be helpful for so many people👍👍👍, keep inspiring us….

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  4. Pihu Avatar


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