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In the last blog, we discussed the menstrual cycle. As everyone said that it was one of my best blogs and I should write a few more things about it. So here I am covering my new blog with physical and mental problems caused by the menstruation cycle.

There are fluctuations in hormones during and before the menstruation which causes mental and physical pain. Several people think that women are overreacting at the time of periods but let me clear this fact to all those people that no it’s not fake. You know it’s a painful situation for women because they are not only suffering from physical body pain but the mental body is also get affected by these changes.

First, let’s discuss the physical issues and how can we reduce it by some home remedies.

1. Food Craving
Before and during the time of periods, it’s too natural to have a craving specifically a chocolate craving. I usually faced it and it’s too normal. We can use chocolates, cookies, homemade sweets to stop the craving.
But if you want it healthier you can also go for 
•Your favourite fruits
• Raisins
And some of the specially arranged periods chocolate which is also available on Amazon.

2. Sore breasts

The breasts develop due to an increase in estrogen during puberty and this causes milk ducts and glands to swell, trapping fluid in the breasts therefore it caused pain during the changes in hormones. It’s too natural as well as common to have breast pain before and during the periods. We can easily treat it at home by
•Using hot and cold compression.
• Using comfortable bra.
• Giving self-massage
• Using castor oil.

3. Cramps
I know somewhere every woman is fighting with cramps. Cramps don’t mean we’re abdomen pain but include leg cramps, back pain, headache, muscle pain and puff in the stomach. To reduce the cramps, we can use
• Hot water bottle, heat wrap and a heating pad.
• Do some normal exercise
• Eat enough of these key nutrients: potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. You can have this nutrient in your fruits such as Banana, avocado, watermelon, almonds etc. You can also go for ginger or mint tea.

4. Skin problem
Pimples, are the biggest enemy of every woman. Isn’t it? We can control it by having more water. But when these pimples start converting into acne all we need is to go to a dermatologist or it will leave scars on our face.

“Now let’s talk about mental body problems during and before the periods.”

Yes! Women, I really understand your mood swings, stress, depression, sadness, irritation and troubling falling asleep or staying awake too. I know how much mood fluxes and Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s happening with your behaviour. According to experts, there are 75% of women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and 3-8 % of women are suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). As we know every disease needs to be cured before it leads to any worst results.  It’s easy to handle PMS even after a long time but treating late PMDD can lead to suicidal thoughts too. Yes!! PMDD cause panic attack, depression and suicidal thoughts too, therefore, earlier treatments are required.

“How to treat normal PMS or mood swings?”

1. Eat healthy.
2.Do meditation.
3. focus on your behaviour.
4. Try to accept it, it’s natural.
5. Have chocolates.
6. exercise.

“Do’s and don’ts of menstruation cycle”

At the time of periods, there are several things every woman needs to follow.

Do’s of the menstruation cycle:

1. Take a hot shower even you can wash your hairs too.
2. Do light exercise. It will reduce pain.
3. Eat iron-rich food such as White beans, Dark chocolate, Organ meats etc.
4. Instead of clothes, every woman should use a sanitary pad, liners or tampons. let me tell you one thing clearly that tampon will not affect a girl’s virginity in any way.
5. Wash your hands properly before and after changing any pad, liner or tampon.
6. Drink plenty of water that will help you to be energetic and will reduce cramps too.
7. Change your pad or liner in every 3-4 hour and tampon in every 4- 8 hour.

Dont’s of the menstruation cycle.

1. Don’t ever repeat cloths in periods.
2. Don’t eat salty food and carbonated beverages.
3. Ignore alcohol and caffeine too.
4. Say no to smoking.
4. Don’t get wax.

Well, at the end of this blog I request to all human beings just try to understand the concept of PMS because it’s not fake at all.
Dear women don’t be harsh on yourself, it’s your body and darling at least you must take care of yourself. You must make yourself happy and comfortable because it’s part of your body and your life.

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