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Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I will surely cover all your topics soon. Today I picked a topic from one of your suggestions that is “How to be happy? What is happiness?

“Does pleasure lead to happiness?”

Pleasure is temporary feelings of joy which can be taken by our five senses only, it’s external Philomena and what about happiness? I think Happiness is all about internal calmness or peace. You know temporary food, travelling, sex and friends can give you the happiness for an hour but once you learn to be internally happy there will be no way to come back to sad days.


How to be happy?


Let’s have a few conversations about the keys to happiness.

Smile: One must need to smile a lot. Have you ever smiled while looking at an infant? Of course yes! I think It was a blissful moment for you.

So it was an external force that inspired you to smile or someone asked you to do so? No!! You smiled just because you were genuinely happy after seeing a new baby.


This is how we need to see everything, see how they actually are and just smile with acceptance. Let’s see life, as it is!! instead of creating our myth. Several things are happening in life, all we need is to see them as an infant and smile genuinely with joy.


Yoga: I mostly talk about Yoga because I can relate to this experience. I feel so at a peace, I feel happy, I feel complete and worth living with yoga practices. There is also an alternative to yoga which is meditation but if I will talk about meditation, Most of you’ll say it’s a boring process but trust me it’s not. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting and breathing only but it’s all about total involvement. You may also go on a walk, can see the plants, sing, dance, eat and do whatever you want to do but it must be done in consciousness only.


Right now something clicked in my mind and I think we must talk about it.“Be positive -” A popular and most used ideology.

You know from my childhood, whenever I shared anything with anyone,” Be positive” is the only answer I received as a solution. For the last few months, I ignored this methodology of being positive all the time and started writing down my problem, I am trying to understand it, and figuring out the alternatives. Even if I feel clogged, I don’t ignore or apply the so-called “be positive “dogma. I calmly ask myself to have a glass of water, three deep breaths and think about it. I told myself that I am not a multiprocessor robot but I am a human being. My body is full of feelings and actions therefore, I can’t be positive all the time and bad time is also okay. I accepted that life is all about some good days as well as sad days too. Well, What about you, can you stay positive all the time?

And even today when someone comes up with the idea of “be positive “, I don’t give it a second thought. I hope you people understand what I mean, let me know if you want me to continue this topic or wanna talk about another one.

I will wait for your comments and dm.



Thank you for reading.
Stay Home – Stay Safe

7 responses to “What is happiness? How to be happy?”

  1. Ashish kumar Avatar
    Ashish kumar

    True 😊 keep going 💐

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  2. Utsika Avatar

    Well done baby😀

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  3. As you Avatar

    Yes dear.


  4. As you Avatar

    Thank you


  5. As you Avatar

    Thank you 😻


  6. Rupss Avatar

    Truee lines..👏

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  7. Rohit singh chauhan Avatar
    Rohit singh chauhan

    Be happy & Stay safe


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