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Being human is humanity and we all must live for mankind. Being human doesn’t mean to be available all the time but it’s just about non-judgmental and supportive nature. We all are part of this world so without being rigid can’t we stay beside each other and be an helping hands to each other.

“Each of us must work for our own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity.”
Marie Curie

“What is humanity?”
Humanity means to know others’ grief, problems, sorrows, pain, suffering, misery, agony and together try to resolve them. Somewhere, everyone is dealing with some issues and facing some day to day problems. Nobody is purely happy but yes partly unhappy. So instead of focusing on being rich and famous, we should better focus on being human. You know whoever religion we belong to, each and every religion says us to be humble and to show humanity. Even Every holy book has focused only on mankind and the best behaviour of humans. It is just we, who are dividing our society and creating a whole new messy society.

“Why humanity?”

Not for others but we can show humanity for ourselves also, as we need food to function , we need supportive people to go further in our life.
Demonstrating humanity doesn’t always mean that you are helping someone else but most of the time it brings a lot of happiness, a high level of satisfaction, deep inner peace, pleasure and joy to us.

“21st century!”
In our generation human bots are also available and as they can do anything for us, even better than us so what else is left for us? Basically, apart from humanity, we have nothing left to serve our society.

So the only thing is humanity that we can offer to everyone around us, yes we are humans and have a special power to feel. No robots can replace this identity, therefore, we should proud to be human and we must use these powers to help each other and build a better version of our society.

” My contribution “
Sometimes people donate so many things and help the one who is needed but sometimes a thought occurs to help someone but a person isn’t capable to help. So what to do? How to help? Well, it’s not all about donating money or accessories but we can also offer our kindness , love and care to the one who is needed. In other words, the donation doesn’t mean to help financially but we can also help by just being there for a one who needed us. Yes, we all can help each other from the place we are, with the money we have and the kindness we can offer.

In general, we don’t need to think much about humanity because it’s all about doing whatever our heart feels to do to help someone. Here we must try to listen, to help, to make someone’s happy and to make someone’s day worth living.

B the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”

Roy T. Bennett

Thank you for reading.
“Stay home-Stay safe”

14 responses to “Being human is?”

  1. Yuvraj bansal Avatar
    Yuvraj bansal

    This is immensely beautiful😍😍

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  2. As you Avatar

    Thank you UV…


  3. Utsika Avatar

    So beautiful baby .😍❣️


  4. Aakanksha Solanki Avatar
    Aakanksha Solanki

    We can become helping hand of each other, this is best way of humanity.


  5. As you Avatar

    yes, i agree with you.


  6. As you Avatar

    That means a lot.


  7. Pushpraj Avatar

    I really appreciate to you radhika bcoz ur too good you wrote nyc line


  8. As you Avatar

    thank you..


  9. Lekhni Avatar

    Yes it’s very good lines in blog. Keep it up radhika. You choose a good topic.


  10. As you Avatar

    thank you girl..


  11. Mayank khandelwal Avatar
    Mayank khandelwal

    Beautiful thought!!
    Keep writing, keep going.
    Your thoughts might change someone’s perspective towards things.

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  12. As you Avatar

    Thank you


  13. As you Avatar

    Thank you .


  14. Nikss Avatar

    Gjb….. Keep it up 😊

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