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F.L.Y. “#F.L.Y. First, Love Yourself! Everything will come next. Everything else can wait”

So! How are you guys? First of all, thank you, everyone, for showering your love.❤ In this era, we all want to fly high, we all want to live our life to the fullest but the problem is we are unable to find our wings and if by chance someone finds them, people start trimming them too. This era is full of opportunities but with a lack of support. So basically it’s okay, just let people do what they want to do and let them show that they aren’t with you. You know Pulling a leg is easy while supporting someone is a hard thing because support is a real thing.   And I must say that it’s okay if someone isn’t supporting you, it’s okay if you have to walk alone, it’s okay if you need to fight for yourself and it’s okay to let people think as they want. 

Let’s learn to F.L.Y.   

Yes!!  ~FLY means~ F = First L= Love Y= Yourself because nobody is going to love or support you until and unless you will not start to love yourself. In this time what really matters is how much you love and care about yourself. Because it’s not time to sit back and look for help but It is time to lift yourself and fill your life with love.

 Life is not all about hard work, career, settling down, stress, fear, drama and making everybody smile. Sometimes life means prioritizing yourself, love yourself and efforts that you make for your happiness. Let people do whatever they are doing, let them talk and let them pull your leg but don’t let yourself feel down. Tell me one thing if we are not right beside us how we can expect from someone else?

 *Let love enter! I must say that let someone come into your life. Let them love you in the mornings, call you in the middle of the night, and text you randomly to say that I miss you. Yes, let someone look after you, care about you and be with you. I must say that give someone the right to hug you in the crowd and to make you feel special because this is how we function, we are humans and feelings are part of our life. Today We all are busy constructing walls in our life and stopping love to enter because of some memories but for once let this moment happen, let yourself feel the love and care that you deserve.

Just For once, allow yourself to flow with love. Try to release some memories, delete some experiences and come closer to someone. It’s a life where one bad chapter can’t complete your whole book. Hey Dear, it’s finally time to heal, live and love. Just because it’s your time, let yourself be happy. Let yourself try to give your soul and love to someone special, someone who is willing to be with you, someone who wants to look into your eyes and whisper into your ears that everything is fine. Let it happen and you will feel a whole new life within yourself. You know setting boundaries is okay but building walls isn’t okay. When you will open to love you will feel the lightning in your body and that is what I mean to call happiness.

Past traumas make it hard to trust again and move on with someone new but stopping ourselves with something new and exploring life will only make us self sufficient.

see, don’t forget to F.L.Y.  because it’s all about you and honestly you matter a lot or I must say that you matter the most. Don’t set yourself for less than what you deserve, don’t allow someone to hurt you, break you or bring you down. Don’t give the right to someone else to choose your happiness.

* About you! There are so many reasons I want to talk about F.L.Y., about self-love and self-care. One thing is too clear that no one can love you the way you love yourself, nobody will care as much as you care about yourself and nobody ever needs you the way you need yourself. I can only help you, other people can guide you but you are the only person who can help yourself just because it’s only you who knows yourself beautifully.

 Nobody but You are your best friend so just take care of yourself as you care about the world.

* Let’s talk to mini-me! Who is the best advisor you ever met? Parents? Friends? Teachers? I think none of them but The best advisor is your mini-me. Seriously, if you start observing yourself you will get to know that you have all the answers. Your intuitions, auras and energies already know everything about you and your problems.

I just want to say that make priorities, take decisions, allow love to enter an nd learn to forgive. I never mean to restrict people in one’s life but I want you to be open to every new phase. I just want to say that don’t allow others to destroy your inner peace, don’t allow them to interfere in your happiness just allow people to love you and support you.

Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love anyone until you know how to love yourself. Unknown”

Thank you for your time.

7 responses to “F.L.Y. “first love yourself””

  1. Deepak Verma Avatar

    You write very well
    I really appreciate your thoughts 🥰


  2. As you Avatar

    Thank you 😍


  3. Lekhni Avatar

    Yes it’s true firstly love yourself.

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  4. Ashish kumar Avatar
    Ashish kumar


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  5. As you Avatar

    Thank you..


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